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10mg Delta-9 THC Soft Chews - 20mg pk



Elevate your edible experience with our 20mg Delta-9 THC Soft Chews - 2pk from 3Chi. These delectable treats are a fusion of potency and convenience, delivering a total of 20mg Delta-9 THC in two perfectly dosed, fruity-flavored chews.

Unleash your taste buds into a world of fruity bliss. Each chew is a burst of flavor, making your THC consumption not only enjoyable but a delightful treat for your senses. With different fruity options, you can choose the flavor that suits your palate.

Each pack contains two soft chews, precisely dosed at 10mg Delta-9 THC per chew. This ensures consistency in your experience, making it easy to manage your intake and enjoy the desired effects with confidence.

2pk chews are in-store-only samples for purchase.

*heat sensitive. Soft chews/chocolates may melt in transit. Swin ships all items in perfect condition. Swin is not responsible for edibles' potential to melt.

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Orange Dreamsicle

0.3% of Delta-9 THC or Less