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What are Swin's Federally Legal Cannabis Dispensaries?
Swin Dispensaries are described as federally legal cannabis dispensaries. Swin dispenses Cannabis that has a government legal description as federally legal cannabis or federally legal hemp. Swin's flower genetics, which are the raw materials for all oils and cannabinoid options in store once was defined as cbd dominant marijuana, but now has the government language as hemp, federally legal cannabis. Currently, all cannabis that is federally legal has the definition of hemp. Swin are not Medical Marijuana State Licensed Facilities. Swin does not have a license with the state to sell, grow, or manufacture medical marijuana defined cannabis by our states government. Swin's cannabis is federally legal due to limiting the delta-9 THC molecule per gram during flowering and at harvest. State facilities do not have to be limited by this value, however Marijuana defined cannabis is low in Delta-9 THC, but traditionally rich in THCa. As legality expands and more cannabinoid extractions become viable and culturally, scientifically acceptable, State Licensed facilities dispense cannabinoid blends and legal descriptions similar to Swin's selection. Swin cares to find the most experienced extraction companies and cannabis growers to fill our stores with the highest quality cannabis selections for both medical patients with the state and for non medical users.

What is CBD High Resin Hemp Flower?
Swin's Smokable Hemp/CBD Flower and it's derived products are federally legal Cannabis selections. Swin's Feminized 20:1 - 25:1 - or 4:1 Cannabinoid Ratio CBD:THC Cannabis Genetics with their potent Total Cannabinoids, Total Terpenoids provided by stable Award-Winning Genetics present strong Sativa traits of Head Uplifting Euphoria or strong Indica traits of Body Calming Relaxation. Swin's Award-Winning and Industry Leading Selections of High Resin Hemp flower with lab analyzed values of CBG, CBC, and CBN interacting with the CBD and THC molecules; all interacting with the Variety of Terpenes give the user the best HEMP HIGH; All the effects you expect from quality cannabis through a Federally Legal Cannabis Dispensary Environment. Coined 'Entourage Effect', the biochemistry that takes place within our bodies creates a synergy, 'Enhanced' effects when the THC and the CBD molecules are present; more potent together than separate. Oregon State Professionally grown like any other State's Cannabis Agriculture Standards - High Resin Hemp CBD Dominant Cannabis Flower is just not coupled with an overwhelming stoned feeling. "Euphoric, Uplifting, and Relaxing without the heavy, overwhelming stoned feeling." - Blake Bryan Swindall, Associate of Science in Biology - SWIN Founder, Owner, and CEO.

What is Delta-8 THC?
Federally Legal THC Dominant Products. Delta-8 THC is 100% Federally Legal Hemp Flower Derived Dominant THC. CBD Dominant Oil Distillate extracted from CBD Hemp Flower goes through additional steps to be converted to a Dominant Delta-8 THC Oil. These distillate oils remain 0.3% Delta-9 THC or less per gram. The Delta-8 THC Molecule is an Isomer of CBD and Not Delta-9 THC Making Delta-8 THC dominant products Federally Legal by several Measures; Extracted from 100% Federally Legal CBD Dominant High Resin Hemp Flower and is an Isomer of the CBD Molecule. NOT a synthetic THC, Delta-8 THC goes through steps to switch from CBD and Isomerize into stable Delta-8 THC Distillate Oil. Delta-8 THC and all cannabinoids found inside Swin are naturally found in the Cannabis plant. By-Products of the Delta-8 THC Oil process is Delta-9 THC and Delta-10 THC. Swin only accepts industry leading companies producing state program standard-like products and full panel labs validating their work.

Delta-8 THC Provides a Heavy overwhelming stoned feeling like other THC molecules do when activating the CB1 Receptors in the Brain, but has a unique niche' to its felt effects like all THC molecules have due to their very similar cannabinoid structure but different function groups, orientation in space, aromatic ring structures, or change in benzene ring electron resonance. The Delta-8 THC effects are similar to THCa effects, but are still uniquely different just like Delta-9 THC dominant products, which is different from THCV added effects, HHC dominant effects, Delta-10 THC added effects and so on...All THC classified molecules provide the user with what cannabis consumers seek, just in their own particular optimal ratios or uniquely great felt effect ways.

Delta-8 THC is known to be a better fit for individuals who easily receive uncomfortable feelings from the THCa molecules. For individuals who use specific doses at particular times of the day/week on a strict schedule, Delta-8 THC molecule provides a larger margin of error so when you dose you'll not receive negative effects as easily if you were to take that dose a little too far with Delta-9 THC/THCa. Delta-8 THC activates the CB1 receptors in the brain which is what people are looking to receive when dosing with THC.

"When you see other online sources or brick and mortar shops that carry "CBD" "Delta-8 THC" products remember this guarantee - Swin is a Cannabis Company first, not a retail shop or entrepreneur buying wholesale products on the first page of google. Swin ONLY  provides award-winning and/or Industry leading products. The extraction method and skill in creating our legal products means it was thought out by quality cannabis company chemists and assisting crew. The standard of our products speak for themselves with our many satisfied customers. We are a Cannabis Company who seeks out only the best federally legal cannabis products that can be justified within a quality federally legal cannabis dispensary. Serving our customers by way of Award-Winning Growers and Industry leading extractions is our passion. Quality at Affordable pricing. When you visit Swin, you know you'll be leaving with gained cannabis knowledge and the best possible Federally Legal Cannabis selection for your detailed needs or just to enjoy the fruits of life that much more."
-Blake Bryan Swindall - SWIN Founder, Owner, and CEO"

What is HHC?
HHC from is extracted from our federally legal hemp defined cannabis. HHC stands for Hexahydrocannabinol. Instead of Tetra we find the orientation more appropriate to Hexa definition in the HHC molecule. HHC provides a slightly longer THC sensation than Delta-8 THC and may provide a sativa lover with longer, possibly more stoned euphoric uplifting felt effects.

What is Hemp Derived Delta-9 THC Dominant Edibles?
Hemp definitions by our government say's Cannabis is Hemp defined when the raw material of flower maintains 0.3% or less Delta-9 THC by dry weight. As an extract oil, the hemp derived Delta-9 THC can be infused to become a dominant Delta-9 THC product. This can come in the form of solid weight items like edibles/ingestible that can be measured in grams/lbs or ml of liquid to facility a federally legal level of Delta-9 THC. 1g = 1ml

0.3% equals 3mg/g. If an edible, for example, weighs 5g then the total Delta-9 THC could be as much as 15mg per unit of product. This allows for the hemp derived delta-9 THC to remain 0.3% per gram by dry weight. By these hemp laws, we can maintain federally legal status and product quality delta-9 THC edibles for professional, ethical retail sale outside a medical or rec state licensed facility.

What is THCa Dominant Hemp Flower?

THCa dominant cannabis flower traditionally is defined as marijuana, but like we have learned, Hemp Defined cannabis maintains a delta-9 THC value of 0.3% or less per gram of dry weight material. Taking that knowledge a step further, these hemp defined cannabis values only matter if the hemp defined material is grown legally within a state agricultural hemp licensed facility or farm land. These two truths maintain that cannabis is defined as hemp. The THCa may be has high of a potency as it wishes as long as the delta-9 THC value remains 0.3% or less per gram of dried weight. That's why marijuana can now be called hemp!

THCa dominant hemp flower is hemp flower that maintains a delta-9 THC value of 0.3% or less per gram through-out the growth and at harvest. THCa dominant hemp flower is hemp flower that is grown legally in a state licensed hemp facility. Since these two truths still remain for Swin's THCa dominant hemp flower/pre-rolls the federally legal hemp definitions remain and can be provided to the community in a controlled, professional, and ethical setting outside a medical or rec state licensed facility.


With all of Swin's THCa dominant products, Delta-9 THCa is the precursor to and the more stable acid form of Delta-9 THC, the active THC that interacts with our CB1 receptors in the brain. Once heated, our THCa hits an activation energy to remove the proton, the acid leaves to allow the molecule to bind to our receptors as Delta-9 THC.

Find Swin's selections of THCa Dominant Flower, Joints, Vape Pods, Cartdriges, Disposables, Dab Sauce, Live Rosin Budder, Crystralline, Diamonds, Isolate, and more!


100% Federally Legal Hemp. Hemp Flower and it's derived distillate oils and produced products, as eloquently described above, is lab tested by third party labs and by state agricultural hemp program labs for validity into the claim that Swin's selections are 100% Federally Legal Hemp. The most simple way to view the differences of legal cannabis, when defined as hemp, is that Swin's bud has a Delta-9 THC analytical value of 0.3% or less per gram. Swin's Award-Winning High Resin Hemp CBDa Flower and THCa Flower  has a Delta-9 THC value tested at 0.3% or less.

HR5485 - Hemp Farming Act of 2018 Download

S2667 - Hemp Farming Act of 2018 Download

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Arete Hemp Production

Blacktie Hemp Notice to Law Enforcement

Blacktie Hemp Producer USDA License

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Hometown Hero Hemp Notice Letter

Swin Notice to Law Enforcement

Blake Swindall - Founder & CEO
Blake Swindall is the Founder, Owner, and CEO of Swin LLC and has more than Nine years of business management experience. Blake was born in Garland, Texas, but has lived in Hollister, MO for most of his life. Blake currently lives in southwest Missouri. He attended Hollister schools where he played varsity basketball and track and field. Blake was awarded the Tiger Award his senior year for excellence in academics as a multi-sport athlete. 

Blake attended Ozarks Technical Community College in Springfield, MO and graduated with an Associate of Science in Biology. Blake furthered his education in physics, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, and biochem medicinal plant sciences after receiving his Biology Associates. Blake loves Basketball, Cooking, Movies, and finetuning his company to be more exceptional for his customers as well as his employees.

Jacob Gardner - Chief Operations Officer
A fellow Hollister graduate, Jacob Gardner grew up in Taney County, Missouri. An Air Force veteran, Jacob proudly served as a Security Forces Member and served one deployment to Iraq. He is the Chief Operations Officer for Swin Dispensaries.

Sabrina Sturtevant - Creative Director
Sabrina graduated from Arkansas State University in 2020 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. She creates nearly everything you see with the Swin logo on it. In her free time, she volunteers for several non-profits, and enjoys giving back to her local community. Sabrina has won numerous awards for her designs - including logos, photography, and branded events. 


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