Visit In-Store - Drop-off Paper Resume 

The owner / management will receive the forwarded resumes and some can expect an email to discuss further about the position or a call to set up an interview time. If Swin management does not call, they have moved on to other candidates or may come back to the resume in the future.

Euro 4/day wk schedule - Pay scaled to 5 day/wk without losing the 5 day week take home.*



NIXA, MO ‚Äč(position may fill hours in Nixa, Ozark, & Springfield)

SPRINGFIELD, MO (position may fill hours in Springfield, Nixa, & Ozark)

OZARK, MO (position may fill hours in Hollister, Ozark, Nixa, & Springfield)










Midwest's FIRST Hemp Dispensaries. Federally Legal Cannabis Dispensaries. Federally Legal Dominant  Cannabis Products with wide ranges of cannabinoid blends, like Delta-8 THC, CBDa/CBD, Delta-9 THC/THCa, HHC, THCV, CBG, CBN, CBC, and vast product-type selections. Swin is expanding and seeking a morally superior community member; an overly high work ethic that could grow into a management member OR corporate position after successful time at Swin. All positions will be filled by individuals we feel will grow with us as we all achieve successful careers and collectively grow Swin only, because our team is so skilled and strong together. We are ONLY looking for career individuals; longevity employment.

To be successful in the hiring process, Swin recommends already having an established relationship. Visit the shops, learn about the company & products, and maybe even try products at the shops to see first hand the quality, affordability, and vast selections our Federally Legal Cannabis Dispensaries can offer our local cannabis community. Almost all of Swin's employee's started out as loyal customers. Swin does not move individuals up rank or give privileges based on time or relationship, but on merits.

Trainee (week 1-2) - Master basic shop operations. Learn to prep shop, pos categories, discounts, money handling, flower bagging, product knowlege and layout of shop. Learn supplies used and how to communicate on group chat. Become a part of the team and quickly remove any nervousness. Constantly be listening to other associates discuss products, laws, mg usage, and more. Ask questions to get correct, intelligent answers, and learn to keep track of all shop needs while calling owner for clarifications and approvals. Will attending trainee weeks, one must work full week to be considered moving up to next trainee pay or sales position and pay. Monthly Mandatory Meetings*.
Full-time - 4 day/wk - +32 hours/wk
$15.00/hr (plus tips)


Trainee (week 3-4) - Continue working to start tasks and complete duties without being told what to do. Finalize knowledge of sales, products, mg ingestion, cannabinoids, terpenes, methods of product use, and more. Will attending trainee weeks, one must work full week to be considered moving up to next trainee pay or sales position and pay. Monthly Mandatory Meetings*.
Full-time - 4 day/wk - +32 hours/wk
$17.00/hr (plus tips)

Sales Associate (1mnth +) - At Owners discretion one will move into a sales associate position and out of trainee level.* The position expectations and duties beyond standard procedures/duties is as followed: Focus all efforts to move from this sales associate position to a key holder sales associate position. At Swin we do not want our team to be anything less than exceptional, so we expect all our hires to quickly move into key holder status employment. You will actively be apart of communications/sales/task making/task managing/cleaning/organizing without anyone needing to tell you to do so. You will have quality knowledge of laws, cannabinoids, terpenes, products, mg ingestion, methods of product use, and more. You must work attend work and follow procedure/policies regularly to be considered moving up to next pay scale and position. Monthly Mandatory Meetings*.
Full-time - 4 day/wk - +32 hours/wk 
$19.50/hr (plus tips)


Sales Associate (Key Holder / Security Access) - This position moves into the following expectations: Flexible schedule to fill operating hours when the set schedule must be changed. Be able to fill a position at another swin location to keep operating hours at all locations (Transportation). Arrive on time to open doors and begin the day and close at night with the expectation that all duties are finished and security/doors are taken care of. You will have mastered all shop operations and knowledge which gains more responsibility. One may not keep this position - Swin employees must regularly uphold policy with others and oneself (disregarding policy/procedure or not directing another employee in their incorrect policy/procedure or sharing incorrect policy/procedure with ownership) may result in demotion of position and pay. This position will have you help train new employees. The biggest responsibility is a key holder will be able to run the shop by themselves if necessary and handle all sales, communications, security, questions, and more. Monthly Mandatory Meetings*.
Full-time - 4 d ay/wk - +32 hours/wk 
$21.00/hr (plus tips) 

Full-Time - 4 day/wk - +32 hours/wk 
+$23.00/hr (plus tips)
As a store lead you are responsible to keep operating hours (on call - (transportation)). If key holders must be moved to another location to keep operating hours, which leaves no key holders to open or close, the sales lead is responsible with getting to shop to open store, then come back at close to lock up. You are further tasks with successful training, and all operations that swin demands to keep a successful business. Atm and safe access will be an added responsibility only a sales lead can accomplish. The sales leads are responsible for upholding policies and procedures with their team. Information or items of interest that are spoken at monthly meetings will be the sales leads responsibility to ensure all employees make corrections or implement new policy/procedures as them come in. Monthly Mandatory Meetings*.

Corporate Officers & Specialist Management 
+$950.00/wk salary
Keeping operating hours (on call), training, and all specialist operations that swin demands to keep a successful business.

*There are set weekly schedules. Schedules are subject to change. There is the possibility of on-call employment and possible travel between shops may occur to fill shop labor needs. Hours may vary.

- Employee Discount
- Euro 4 day work week (scaled pay to reflect a 5 day work week take home)

Cannabis knowledge is a must or a mature sense of cannabis with an ability to comprehend and regurgitate info in a professional manner to our customers.

Extensive knowledge of Cannabinoids, Terpenes, and more will be required after a short time with Swin's training. Medication interactions, Strain-specifics, product-specific knowledge will be mastered before moving into higher positions and pay. Understanding of our specific bud genetics is expected. Expertise in products, dosing, use, and more is a must. Reading books, journals, articles, and learning from experiencing conversations with many individual's cannabis use creates a true expert and Swin will know between the two. Become exceptional and Swin will compensate accordingly.

You will be expected to complete all facets of the job at a master level, no less will be considered and potential termination may occur if one cannot keep up with Swin's fast pace employment.

Only individuals with competence & class; cleverness & efficient communication, organization, and dynamic sales gifts should apply.

We are very excited to find our next compliment to Missouri's Best Locally Owned Cannabis Company.