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Christina Post - December 2023
When I walked in the store I was greeted immediately and the staff was very knowledgeable and professional. They had a ton of different options as far as edibles, flower, and cartridges and the store was very clean! I couldn’t recommend this place more!

Darrien Garnder - December 2023
So happy to have a location close! I have been going to Swin for years and recently moved but luckily they opened this location! Best thing about Swin is they are consistent in all of their locations for professional and knowledgeable staff, clean and well decorated shops, and a ton of great products to chose from! 10/10!

Lucretia Dunn - December 2023
I love this place. Been going here for over a year now.

Lisa Callahan - Local Guide - December 2023
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Kaleb Baker - December 2023
Love their products, had them shipped to my front door and was professionally sealed! And as always the product is top-tier!!

Seph Robinson - December 2023
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Anthony "Ant" - December 2023
Can have mailed to you, takes about 5 days

RADAMS - November 2023
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SSC Weightlifting - November 2023
Very solid customer service. Great store with many different strains to choose from. Knowledgeable staff that helped me choose the cannabis right for me with my preferences. I live less than a minute away from this place and I can say confidently that I have found my ‘home’ dispensary. 

Dottie Clements - Local Guide - November 2023
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Stella Rose - November 2023
Great place to visit. Very knowledgeable, helpful and kind employees. Good prices. Great product!

chelle bells - November 2023
They have really great products for good prices. The new deals they have going on are perfect to get yourself feeling relaxed.

GDF - Local Guide - November 2023
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Jana Walker - Local Guide - November 2023
Gas Ice Cream  8th for 25

Bear Thomas - November 2023
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DJ Floww - November 2023
The staff is very friendly and helpful

Jacob Chaney - Local Guide - November 2023
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Blake Welbon - November 2023
The employees were very knowledgeable and nice. The products and selection were great and I found exactly what I was looking for. Only negative part of my experience was this one guy, I believe his name was Blake, and he gives all other Blake's a bad name.

The Frogctor - November 2023
Great experience! I went in there barely knowing anything and the great employees informed and made sure I knew what I was buying! 10/10 would recommend!

Deborah Lindemann - October 2023
Great place, friendly staff, well stocked!

Joseph Kensinger - Local Guide - October 2023
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Suzie Swingset - October 2023
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Tupelo Blue - Local Guide - October 2023
Best prices in a 50 mile radius - I checked!

The bud is super fresh and kept in bulk so you can shop by smell - my preferred method ?
They weigh it in front of you so you can be sure you're getting what you pay for unlike other local shops!
They also have a loyalty program which is cool considering they have a few locations in SWMO; and a buy4 get 1 free to save some money too!

April Elam - Local Guide - October 2023
Very nice clean professional service

Star Killer - October  2023
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Charm N - Local Guide - October 2023
Reminded me of shops from "home". Friendly staff.

Brandon Graham - October 2023
#1 Best dispensary out there!!

You can tell it was designed with the customer in mind. I won't go anywhere else. Highly recommend trying this place out

Tweedle Dot - Local Guide - October 2023
I was looking for something to rub onto my husbands back for lower back pain. Nothing else we tried seemed to work and someone recommended cbd lotion. I’d never been in one of these stores before, but the staff here put me right at ease. They seemed well educated and didn’t try to sell me anything they didn’t think he needed even though I would have bought anything they thought might help. I walked out with a roll-on cbd product that helped take the edge off his pain. I appreciate their honesty and integrity in not overcomplicating things for me and offering a simple solution even thought they knew I was just passing through and could have totally taken me for a ride. If you’re looking for cbd products I highly recommend this store.

Melissa Neal - Local Guide - October 2023
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Canicus Mouson - October 2023
Excellent quality, great prices and absolutely love the employees!! All so helpful and informative!! Love it.

veronica courtouise - Local Guide - October 2023
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Matthew - October 2023
Hands down the best dispensary in town.

Jared Gur - October 2023
Robert must work for another company because the workers were very helpful and knowledgeable. Spent almost an hour chatting with John about the science behind delta 8 and about beautiful Missouri. Thank you

Andy fox - Local Guide - October 2023
Awesome place with great people and amazing selection

Luke Merriman - October 2023
Fast, Grade A inventory, friendly/knowledgeable staff. This place rocks.

Shea McDonald - October 2023
I've come here around 10 times now, and I love the staff!! They are always really friendly and make me feel welcome. Great selection also!!!

Sabrina Sturtevant - September 2023
Incredibly knowledgeable staff with tons of inventory. Customer service is always excellent

Greyson Roberts - September 2023
Best prices, great product and extremely friendly staff. One guy has black eyeballs and it’s pretty cool looking and he’s very helpful lol great in-and-out experience

veronica courtouise - September 2023
Really nice staff, they always pay attention to detail. They really know their stuff.

Jeremy Pankey - September 2023
Very clean store. Knowledgeable staff. Premium cannabis products. 10/10

Brandon Riddle - September 2023
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Jeff Mack - August 2023
Went 2 times on my visit to Branson. Staff were super helpful and seemed to know what they were talking about. Prices seemed reasonable compared to other states and dispensaries visited. Questions were answered honestly and intelligently. Don’t mind paying a little more for premium products.

Scooter's Adventure - Local Guide - August 2023
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Drew Steitz - August 2023
Fantastic service, protects the privacy of the public against invasive dips**ts. Five stars, will make this my number one shop.

William Collins - July 2023
First place I have been where I feel like I was walking into a store instead of a medical facility. Loved the atmosphere and the vibe. The employees were very helpful and the service was fast. In and out with no wait even with several others in the store.

Stranger Chaney - Local Guide - July 2023
loved it very cool help

CJ Oseth - Local Guide - July 2023
Good work, Swin! Protecting themselves from annoying YouTubers since 2023!

Sara Harris - Local Guide - July 2023
First time there. The employees where awesome and extremely helpful in helping us find wat we was looking for. Will definitely be going back again.

M B - July 2023
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Zackary Raynor - July 2023
Very beautiful and professional dispensary. Great products. Nice and helpful staff. Great place.

andremets - July 2023
They know how to deal with conman Frauditors! Please give "Big Boy" a raise!!!!

Marina Leeman - Local Guide - July 2023
Excellent service and great, friendly and helpful staff. Top shelf products.

Surya Das - Local Guide - July 2023
Pros at handling camera commandos!

News Now Bobby Hill - July 2023
Like how Jake handle thing . great guy

Frauditor Roundup - July 2023
These people are great at handling Frauditors!

Musha Puma - Local Guide - July 2023
Any business that puts a 1A fraditor in their place is a business I'll happily shop at. I'll look for ya if I'm ever in Missouri.

Nathan Poisel - July 2023
These people had a difficult situation recently and I love the way they handled it. They protected their customers from being exploited and I commend them. Thank you.

Kimberly Nope - July 2023
Awesome product, amazing staff. Puts customers first, protects them from strange youtube auditors with no lives just wanting to annoy regular people for views. Keep up the amazing customer service

Zodiac 87 - July 2023
Best place ever.They need to start putting no loitering signs up cause a ? was filming trying to get a action out of them the handled it like kings.FUARDEDER 0 SWINS 10000 POINTS.

Todd - July 2023
Awesome shop and great selection

Bart Spence - July 2023
Great bunch of people!

Keith Knight - July 2023
Excellent people that don't tolerate FBoys like JC NOTNEWS NOW.

Teri Ray - July 2023
I was a little nervous the first time I visited the Ozark store. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed by their phenomenal customer service. They were so patient and kind, answered all my questions and made helpful suggestions and I didn’t feel the least bit anxious after about 2 minutes. I didn’t receive help from just the one young man who was helping me but a few other knowledgeable guys chimed in. I HIGHLY recommend this store and their top notch products and services.

FLORIDA JIM - Local Guide - July 2023
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Ian Pleasant - July 2023
Jake is a hero!!

Puma Lyn - Local Guide - July 2023
I'm sorry Jake had to go through what he did with that irritating specimen. I hope he sanitised his hands well after he came in contact with that rabid dog. I do hope your laws will stop protecting them. It's unfair to normal, hardworking Americans, like yourselves, who are contributing towards the monthly handouts that these fools receive. They have too much time on their hands because they don't have to work. They and their herd are being fed by you and other American taxpayers.
Love and prayers from Penang Island, Malaysia.

Neo Ho - July 2023
Thank you for helping people who need it. Apologies for those who bothered you and you clerks

Shaun Terry - June 2023
Great selection and friendly people

Cate Latimer - June 2023
Swin is my number 1 go to in springfield. It has a great selection, which could be overwhelming if it weren’t for the amazing staff like Stormy and V. They make the experience safe while giving great info about the items. I always recommend swin to beginners smokers to experts, you’ll always find something you’ll love there!!!

Alexis La Blue - June 2023
Staff was amazingly helpful, worth the 3 hour drive!!!!

Jeremiah Winfree - June 2023
Great prices super friendly staff and they actually let you see product before buying. Hands down favorite dispensary in Springfield all these bad reviews are wack and absolutely unfounded.

Remi Hauter - June 2023
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Holly Chromy - June 2023
Had great service from Moi and V! Both of them had great recommendations and were extremely friendly. Can’t wait to return and buy more!!! Great products, great people.

Love Life - Local Guide - June 2023
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Jeremy pankey - June 2023
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Stephanie Blocker - June 2023
Friendly staff. Answered all questions. Reasonable prices. We will be back

Arrington Moss - June 2023
Staff are always kind and beyond helpful. Id recommend to just about anybody.

Connie Clark - June 2023
Knowledgeable about their product and great staff.

Misha Titus - June 2023
My favorite dispensary for a few years, great staff, very knowledgeable .

Rhobin Spain - June 2023
Absolutely perfect experience, very knowledgeable and friendly staff,will be a frequent customer ?

Samuel Woodfin - Local Guide - June 2023
Fast and convenient with nice and helpful people... The way it should be.

Jeff Moyle - June 2023
As a first timer,when I opened the door,it looked like buzzard's drooling for a taste of road kill,,but the staff were super friendly and they knew their product and as I went home to get my buzz on,I told myself...I will be back to sample more

jamie jones - 
Local Guide - June 2023
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Jonathan Emerson - June 2023
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John Person - June 2023
Good good gol????thoth anunnaki &atlantis⭐

Richard Schindler - June 2023
After trying all the other places in town, Swin is by far, the best dispensary in Springfield. The selection is huge, and the prices are significantly better than any place I have been. They also have a generous rewards program. My bud tender, Stormy, knew a lot about the product and was extremely helpful. I only go here now!!!

Jayme Petterson - 
Local Guide - June 2023
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Tabby Phelps - Local Guide - June 2023
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Desiree whitney - June 2023
I went on 4/20/23 to see what the store was all about. I had been visiting another shop frequently, and this shop blew them out of the water on pricing. Not to mention the staff were much more positive and friendly. I will be a return customer!

Gary Bearden Local Guide - May 2023
Nice clean store. Friendly people

Jacob Carroll Local Guide - May 2023
Lots of different variety and cool devices! Staff is super awesome and willing to explain the products!

westley quinn - May 2023
100% I'm loving this place

Jamie Cline - May 2023
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Dennis Kenyon - May 2023
Great service, great experience... these guys make you feel at home!

Jonathan Emerson - April 2023
Absolutely the best friendliest dispensary ever by far the cheapest and best quality

Karen Marie Stumpf - April 2023
Being a newbie, but, long time buyer in different ways, I felt so comfortable, and there was a lot of knowledge from the budtenders there, I knew what I wanted and they had all of my choices!!! You guys are my new favorite stop!!!

Lucretia Dunn - Local Guide - April 2023
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Kathy Bales - April 2023
The employees are always friendly and very helpful. They are very knowledgeable about their products and usually have something new each time I visit. Store is always clean and organized. Highly recommend ?

Andy Slatton - Local Guide - April 2023
Best store available

Autumn Forsythe - April 2023
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Tammy Bennett - April 2023
I was so impressed with the staff and the products. They have sales alot, and you can get some amazing deals. Every time I've been there I was helping and greeded immediately. The staff is full of great information about products and laws in our state. I recommend swin in Ozark MO. They are so worth the drive from Springfield. The best in south Missouri in my opinion.

Canicus Mouson - April 2023
Excellent bud, awesome prices and great customer service!!! Don't pass this place up. It's a gem!

Lucas Wilson - April 2023
Great product, great prices, best customer service in Southwest Missouri. Very knowledgeable and worth checking out.

Jowanna dukes - April 2023
I love their products especially that batch of Oreo cookies that they have in

Elijah Flowers - April 2023
Good weed. Good staff. Wish we could pay with card tho.

james harris - Local Guide - March 2023
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Janet Copeland- Hamilton - March 2023
The pl are awesome very helpful we're goin to make Swinn the only dispensary we will go to

Gary Johnson - March 2023
Great atmosphere great people that work there always willing to give it 200% whatever they can do to help

Ricky A Huff Jr - March 2023
Good selection lots of extras too

Rhiannon Hernandez - March 2023
The best customer service!!!

Ricky Huff - March 2023
Tons of great choices

Jeremy pankey - March 2023
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Katelyn Dennis - March 2023
I really loved the products they recommended for me ! veronica was so sweet and helped me with exactly what I needed ! the customer service was immaculate, definitely my go to spot from now on !

Katie Blythe - March 2023
I love this place and the crew knows what’s good

Justin Thomas - March 2023
Great selection and service

Eliana Maurer - March 2023
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meci gates - March 2023
This user only left a rating. 

Rose C - March 2023
Give V a raise

Jessica Miller - March 2023
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Kc Cassidy - February 2023
Amazing bud amazin people

Mike Luckett - February 2023
This user only left a rating.  

Amy Womack - January 2023
Thank you so much for awesome service! Will definitely be a return customer!

Larry Loftis - January 2023
Only been to the shop downtown,,I really like this place.That guy with the beard (sorry,missed your name) was so helpful. I'm an OG,but he knew so much about the product and all of the ways to use it,,.I was impressed... 5 stars.

Charles Campbell - Local Guide - January 2023
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DEWCAT JBL - December 2022
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Greg Riekhof - December 2022
Extremely helpful guys and always really kind

Jennie Gardner - December 2022
Great place great pot!!

Rusty Jo Oliver - Local Guide - December 2022
HUGE THANK YOU TO JAKE!! He was awesome and extremely knowledgeable about all of the products. He took the time to answer all of my questions and made it such a fun and comfortable experience. 10/10 would go again! Highly recommended!!

Sam Anselmo - December 2022
Top professionals working here!

sixx johnson - Local Guide - November 2022
Great place and really nice employees calm environment

Ripley McEachern (Ducky) - November 2022
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Crystal Tartenaar - November 2022
This user only left a rating. 

Lacretia Tumbleson - November 2022
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Jason Lewis - Local Guide - October 2022
Blake is very professional and totally up front and no hidden agenda. I highly recommend patronizing this establishment.

Jessica Jones - Local Guide - October 2022
They had exactly what we needed, and there was no hassle.

Collen Curtin - Local Guide - September 2022
Love it...clean, friendly, great product, and close location.

Angela Edwards - Local Guide - September 2022
This user only left a rating. 

Johnny White - Local Guide - September 2022
Excellent place to go for legal weed no medical card needed

Johnny White - Local Guide - September 2022
Excellent place

ben mckenzie - Local Guide - August 2022
The two dudes in here are super helpful

Brandon Ricks - August 2022
Delta 8,9, or 10 I don't care just gimme gimme

Paula Jones - August 2022
I love this place! They have great hemp derived products, their prices are amazing and the customer service is stellar! I highly recommend them!

Carrie Theisen - Local Guide - August 2022
This user only left a rating. 

Angel Colwell - Local Guide  - July 2022

Everytime I come in, Bex is working and it instantly makes my mood. She always helps me and my partner out when looking for new flower to try. The atmosphere is always welcoming and I never really get that fron anywhere else. Best delta 8 shop around here.

Traci King - Local Guide  - July 2022
Staff was very helpful and will definitely go back

Brian Davis - June 2022
This user only left a rating. ​​​​

Trevor Phillips - June 2022
This user only left a rating. ​​​​

connor mawhiney - June 2022
The pre rolled have a great taste and great effects. Great price too. I'll try more products! Service was excellent too

D.B. Caleb Dillard - June 2022
Great place. Best thing was the helpful guy that assisted me!

alton ingram - Local Guide - May 2022
Very knowledgeable ask questions if you want to know something.

Michael Moler - Local Guide - May 2022
Very knowledgeable ask questions if you want to know something.

Lorie Moore  - May 2022
This user only left a rating.

Korey Whitesell  - May 2022
Staff are super helpful and love explaining their product and its effects. They're super friendly. Just an amazing experience overall!

2gatti Marcus  - May 2022
This user only left a rating. 

Matthew Wheelock - Local Guide  - May 2022
The folks here helped me out a lot. Life, as we all know tends to kick square in the face occasionally, and the straw the broke the camel's back came down. The point is, they were able to set me up with a CBD to help with my various depression, anxiety, and all consuming nihilism. And it's really, really helped. I've been able to calm down significantly and am able to go forward and face the day.

Eric Maths Mayhieu - Local Guide  - Apr 2022
Too much pain

Kandice Alexander - Local Guide  - Apr 2022
Such nice guys!! Very helpful, great products!!!

Draconic Bloodstone - Mar 2022
Great to go too

Tommy Burris - Feb 2022
This user only left a rating. 

Artemis Alexandria - Local Guide - Feb 2022
Great service, great product, the cashier was so nice and I will definitely go again!

K Jones - Local Guide - Feb 2022
This user only left a rating. 

Tabbby Chan - Feb 2022
Went into here for the first time looking for something that could help me with my chronic pain but not make my heart race and my head feel clouded. Very friendly staff and knowledgeable about the product. This was just what I needed. As soon as I tried it my pain was gone I couldn't be happier. Thank you all so much!

Robert McDaniel - Jan 2022
Awesome and very knowledgeable staff

Damian - Jan 2022

Jason Pino - Local Guide - Jan 2022
Was Great, thanks to the gentleman there on Sunday. His suggestions were well worth it

ETHAN Featherston - Jan 2022
This user only left a rating. 

Elvira Vargas - Jan 2022
Place is clean and professional. The staff is super helpful and knowledgeable about their products and the effects on the body. I was super happy about the whole experience it's definitely my new go to place. Thank you for helping me with all my questions and recommending me the right product!!

J Denning - Jan 2022
These guys are consistently friendly, helpful and incredibly knowledgeable. They will help find a great product just right for your needs. I always look forward to visiting this clean, professional shop.

DeAnna Matthews - Local Guide - Jan 2022
This user only left a rating. 

Marinda Bredding - Jan 2022
Wonderful store. Wonderful people work there & the products really help.

Danni Mynatt - Dec 2021
This user only left a rating.

Jeremy Pankey - Dec 2021
It works for me. Love the carts and the dabs. 10 outta 10 from me.

Daddysangel01 - Dec 2021
Best Customer service the lady is great awesome she the best person ever

''kg'' - Local Guide - Dec 2021
Robert & John make this experience Amazing!! We don't go anywhere else

JackA Petty - Dec 2021
These guys are amazing

Tiffany Ritchey - Dec 2021
This user only left a rating. 

Jodi Boyd - Dec 2021
I am visiting from California and this was my first visit to a dispensary in Missouri. I was so impressed from the moment I walked into the Swin location in Hollister!

The staff and vibe inside were so friendly, welcoming, and relaxed. All of my questions were answered and I felt confident with my selections.

Excellent experience and I am looking forward to getting a good night sleep and not waking up with a weed-induced hangover!

Malik - Nov 2021
I’ll start this off by saying this is THE BEST delta-8 shop in Springfield! Hands down! I come from a family of stoners, we smoked everyday delta 9 THC flower (regular weed) and actually thc wax. So I have a decent tolerance, but trust me when I tell you the products here will get you loadeddd. Definitely getting your moneys worth, they have a great staff and top notch prices and product. I have never been disappointed, plus they have a rewards program. Their website will say things are out of stock but you’ll have to call or go in to store to TRULY find out which I like better because the good carts go fast! Don’t waste your time at those other over priced cbd, delta 8 shops here in Springfield. I have tried a handful of them but not one of them comes remotely close to the amazing experience I have had while contsucting business with Swin Dispensary. Enjoy your high and your day <3
-your local stoner

Joshua W - Local Guide - Nov 2021
Very helpful staff. Great products. Will go back.

Jimela Shaw - Local Guide - Nov 2021
Highly recommend

Dianna Salande - Nov 2021
I've been smoking weed for 35 years and I just came back from trying to Swin for the first time. Now Grant you I bought some of the strongest in the THC that they had but I tell you I'm high as hell. My back no longer hurts, I'm eating a roast beef po-boy cuz I'm no longer nauseous, I'm playing with Post-it notes with my cat and all is right with the world.

Blyss Bryant - Nov 2021
This user only left a rating.

Fornite FUN Squad - Local Guide - Nov 2021
This user only left a rating. 

Luckysweat - Nov 2021
Super friendly the environment is nice Ray - Oct 2021
Love the brownies will be back!

Brittany Murphy - Local Guide - Oct 2021
This user only left a rating. 

Crash - Local Guide - Oct 2021
This user only left a rating. 

Xander Burns - Oct 2021
This user only left a rating. 

Ryan Spohn - Local Guide - Sep 2021
This user only left a rating.

Bailey Ring - Sep 2021
This user only left a rating. 

Stoner Dream 420 - Sep 2021
Awesome prices very helpful and polite employees 5 star rating and also thank you for helping find the bud to help my seizures

Laci Wade - Sep 2021
I just left swin dispensaries for the second time and I have to say that both times I have had successful trips. They guys here at Swin are super knowledgeable and always helpful! You really couldn't ask for a better customer service either

Preston Gandy -  Sep 2021
the people there was awesome. Very nice and super helpful. Best place In years. Thank you guys

Wade Smith - Sep 2021
Awesome place

Shannon Heaviland - Local Guide - Aug 2021
Very friendly and helpful

Donna Garroutte - Local Guide - Aug 2021
Very knowledgable employees. They make you feel comfortable  in the store and answer any questions you may have . 

miss outlaw - Aug 2021
This user only left a rating.

Angela Edwards - Local Guide - Aug 2021
This user only left a rating. 

Bradley Luttrell - July 2021
Theyre doin the lords work...

RADAMS - July 2021
This user only left a rating. 

Caleb Rantz - July 2021
This user only left a rating. ​​​

Merissa Stephenson - July 2021
These guys have really grown since my very first visit. The staff is amazing, you walk in and it feels like your at your friends house. I go probably every friday and HIGHLY recommend.

RADAMS - July 2021
Definitely the best delta8 products out there. Excellent selection and service too. I would recommend this shop to anyone who enjoys delcious edibles(be careful, they are strong.) smoking, vaping, or amazing tintures. Do you want to feel better but don't want to be an anxious mess? Stop by Swin and see for yourself. 

Craig Pepper - Local Guide - July 2021
This user only left a rating. 

Nora Appleberry - June 2021
The people there are always super nice and very informative, no matter how busy they are, they give you their 100% attention and are always willing to help us with whatever we have for them that day. Wouldn't definitely recommend this dispensary!

Angie Palmerin - Local Guide - June 2021
Very knowledgable, great products and great prices. I hope delta 8 stays legal. 

Shawn Wiley - Local Guide - June 2021
So wonderful

GibKim Lopez f2f - Local Guide - June 2021
This user only left a rating. 

Desiree Wilkins - Local Guide - June 2021
This user only left a rating. 

Eric Nichols - Local Guide - June 2021
This place is the real deal. Clean and friendly. Worth a visit....

Milikha Williams - Local Guide - June 2021
Nice variety of products, friendly staff, and great prices!

Lizzie K - June 2021
This user only left a rating. 

Shain Dalton - June 2021
This user only left a rating. 

Nicholas Stewart - June 2021
This user only left a rating. 

Ashley Freeman - May 2021
Love the service here ❤️

Bruce Abbott - May 2021
Past issues of migraine headaches walked in gave me great details on different kinds  cherry pie was the one that took the migraine pain away. 

james clark - Apr 2021
This user only left a rating. 

Jon Atkins - Apr 2021
This place is legit! I've been smoking over 20 years and love quality over quantity. I looked at the reviews before stopping by. A lot of good ones and a few bad. One of the great things about this country is the freedom of speech. Everyone has their own opinions, mine is the products that they sale are the bomb! I will be back, very glad that Swin is In lol. 

Regan Gremaud - Apr 2021
Very good experience! First time customers and Mike helped us find what we needed. Loving the Delta 8 cart! Thank you Mike!

Derik Frederiksen - Local Guide - Apr 2021
Really cool and layed back place, people there are very friendly and knowledgable. They have a selection of plenty of goodies, definitely go check them out. 

Angela Edwards - Local Guide - Apr 2021
Absolutely Amazing customer service! Everything has a sign to tell you what it's good for and associates are very knowledgable. Great place! You have to stop by and check it out! 

Sexy Pastor - Apr 2021
By far the best place for CBD dominant product i suffer form severe anxiety and ptsd and I went to swin and their product and it has helped me tremendously thank you so much I can finally live.

Killian Taylor - Apr 2021
First timer here went in today explained to them what I was wanting and purchased two amazing carts from these guys I definitely recommend these guys  thank you guys.

Fred Morgan - Apr 2021
Awesome place

Charlie & Kathy - Apr 2021
Personnel are very knowledgable, friendly, and willing to spend as much time with customers as needed. 

Joshua Massey - Apr 2021
Great service very friendly and helpful will be returning

Joseph Lawson - Apr 2021
Had good stock levels, super clear and concise. Dudes knew what they were talking about. Would recommend for sure. 

Janet Leo - Local Guide - Apr 2021
I love this place! I would recommend it to everyone. Jake completely explained they had in the store what it does I told him why I needed it and he got my on proper medication. They are all such a big help there. I could never say enough good things!

Devin McNiff - Mar 2021
Great shop and great people working there. They know their stuff and will help you will anything. 

Joshua Massey - Mar 2021
This user only left a rating. 

Baylor Lee - Mar 2021
Everything you need to be happy is here

Chris billing - Mar 2021
Great selection of CBD and Delta 8 products. Prices are very reasonable and the staff are knowledgable about every product they carry. No complaints. 

John Waka - Local Guide - Mar 2021
Every time I come in I have had lots of questions asked With intent of becoming more educated on the products and understanding them.I've never been met with rudeness. As the owner said, educated so you understand. Thank you for taking the time for me and my son and never being mean even with all my questions. Excellent selection of prerolls, great guy. Can't wait to checkout my reward points and come in as a legal patient (even not required) and find a solution. -Nicholas R.
Ps: we appreciate you brother. 

Robert Baker - Mar 2021
People were real helpful and friendly 

Troy S - Local Guide - Mar 2021
This user only left a rating. 

Raychel - Local Guide - Mar 2021
This user only left a rating. 

Rhonda - Local Guide - Mar 2021
Great selection! Owner is absolutely helpful and smart!

Joseph Lawson - Mar 2021
Had good stock levels, super clean and concise. Dudes knew what they were talking about. Would recommend for sure. 

Mike - Mar 2021
This user only left a rating.

Lindsay Gibbs - Mar 2021
It's a nice and clean store, the people who work there are knowledgable about their products and they have lab results at the store so you know what's what.

Mr. Crayton - Local Guide - Mar 2021
Outstanding customer service. All legal cbd 

Kwindra Litty - Local Guide - Mar 2021
Great place and staff are wonderful people informative accurate

Kent Prokopy - Mar 2021
This user only left a rating. 

Noah Greer - Mar 2021
Great products, AWESOME customer service at all locations. All products are of quality and you get exactly what you pay for if not more. It's a little pricey buy 110% worth it​

Joseph Maxhimer - Feb 2021
It was a great experience going to get some Delta 8 THC products. I'm a longtime cannaseur and thought I'd give it a go. And boy oh boy, the edibles and concentrates are the real deal. I can only speak on those products, but I plan on getting every product they offer. The gentleman helping me was very knowledgable and had great customer service skills. the prices weren't bad either. I'll definitely be back!

Nevan Knight - Feb 2021
extremely helpful and I was satisfied with the pricing and selection

Ethan Dickson - Feb 2021
Very chill environment. Very friendly service. Great products.

addisyn n misty robinhood - Local Guide - Feb 2021
Best in town

Mica Brooke - Local Guide - Feb 2021
This user only left a rating. 

Darrien Garnder - Feb 2021
Employees are very knowledgable on the products they sell! Super clean and very friendly!

Paul Ricci - Feb 2021
Great people and products

Mary Effing Trexler - Feb 2021
I love the federally legal thc cartridges! Swin products are essential for a happy life! Do yourself a favor and go get a Swin pen with an Incredible Hulk cart.... You can thank me later.

Jack Gardner - Feb 2021
This user only left a rating.

Kaylee Kay - Feb 2021
Just came from Swin's  excellent helpful employees, clean good prices and well worth the trip from up north. Thank you it's nice to see a well run professional team ​​

Tammy McIntosh - Local Guide - Feb 2021
Amazing products and staff!! Very informative and listen to what you are looking for. They help you make an informed decision, and the prices are more than fair! They've come a long way since they first opened. I went 2 days ago and was introduced to Delta 8. I got the pineapple vape cartridge and It's Life changing for me! Thank you!!

Shawna Rivera - Feb 2021
Super friendly staff, store smells great. I love that we have a dispensary so close to home!

Michael - Feb 2021
Went for my first time today. Really great place, great products, and a friendly and helpful staff, I'll be a regular from now on

MAGA HOGS - Feb 2021
I love the reviews at the Springfield location, they have been a great source of entertainment for me this morning! So glad you guys are in Ozark now. I look forward to gettin my flower as vapor world sells pure trash. Very clean store, knowledgable staff, everything is very transparent and on the table. Flower looks and smells great! isnt capitalism great?

Deborah Wilcott - Local Guide - Feb 2021
This user only left a rating. 

Big Mike - Local Guide - Feb 2021
Love this place. Super friendly staff. Decent products. At the time of posting this, they are cash only, however, there is an atm fairly close by.

John Root - Local Guide - Jan 2021
Knowledgable, nice, and clean. Great place for people who are just getting started. 

Chris - Local Guide - Jan 2021
This user only left a rating. 

Jennifer Williams - Local Guide - Jan 2021
This user only left a rating. 

Mary Effing Trexler - Jan 2021
Owner Blake is friendly and helpful! He always has the perfect product recommendation for my current needs. Highly recommend to anyone looking to improve their quality of life through high quality products!

Ron Wood - Dec 2020
This user only left a rating. 

Melvin King - Local Guide - Dec 2020
You folks rock.

We Are The Jones' - Local Guide - Dec 2020
My husband has contsant pain, nausea. I researched cbd flower, he has his state medical cannabis card but the price is over the top in Missouri. The knowledgable gentleman that helped us after we explained the symptoms recommended a few products to try. Long story short, Swin has great products at a great price.  They work and for a fraction of the cost! Another happy customer!!!!!

Terryn Buffalow - Dec 2020
Hands down favorite place to get CBD. The owner is knowledgable and friendly. I made the mistake of buying from somewhere else last weekend, ONLY because Swin was closed (and I was desperate). I will not make that mistake again. Swin is the best!

Shelly Stahl - Dec 2020
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Holly Taylor - Dec 2020
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Ryan Mcginness - Dec 2020
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JJ Martin - Nov 2020
I ordered online.. Then I found something I wanted more. Their policy is all sales are final, but I was able to reach them in time and get a full refund before it shipped. So much appreciation! 

Kylie Eubanks - Nov 2020
This user only left a rating.

Bruce Evans - Nov 2020
I love this store. They have everything I want and then some. I'm a Vietnam veteran thats been smoking this Marijuana for 50 years. Never thought I'd see it legal but here we are. You guys are BORN AGAIN COOL. THANK YOU SO MUCH

Leah R - Nov 2020
Corbin is so knowledgeable and helped me make an informed decision on what was best for me. I am very pleasantly surprised with the effect of the product I purchased. I will be a regular customer, very highly recommended!

Pamela Elliott - Oct 17, 2020
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Pamela Elliott - Oct 14, 2020
I could not have dealt with any one who was as helpful and polite very knowledgable about stick. Super guys that run it. Been there several times and will keep returning. Great place and people. 

Juan Martinez - Oct 3, 2020
This user only left a rating. 

Damian Costello - Sep 26, 2020
Best staff. Knowledgeable. Credible. Reliable!

Patrick John - Sep 19, 2020
Awesome customer service, great prices, and awesome rewards system will definitely be shopping there from now on!

Gary Rosbeck - Sep 11, 2020
This user only left a rating. 

Lisa Copilevitz - Sep 4, 2020
Very nice environment and staff was great very knowledgable of their product. Overall awesome experience for first time buying hemp. 

Johnny - Aug 31, 2020
The place is very clean and proper fir what a medical dispensary of CBD and other goods should be like!

Jami Johnson - Aug 25, 2020
Staff very knowledgable and helpful. Store well put together and easy to browse. 

Kelley McCarty - Aug 23, 2020
Gotta love this place! Great prices too! Very knowledgable staff.

Hunter Parker - Aug 20, 2020
Came to this place a bit skeptical, but pleasantly surprised. I have an MMJ card, and he was able to serve product of equal strength in the pain management department to my surprise. The vape pens work! And apparently last a decent bit. 

Clint Swanigan - Aug 8, 2020
It was a great place the clerk was polite helpful and very informative could have had higher thc content in the flower's

Jackie Freelon - Jul 17, 2020
Very nice place was happy wit what I got

Itzwillyboy - Jul 1, 2020
First tike visitor and can say it was amazing i git what i was looking for

Fat Tony's - Local Guide - 2020
Guy was super helpful and very friendly. Ill be back to try some new things!

Rachel H. - 2020
Simply amazing service! These guys really know their stuff! I *highly* recommend them

Daniel Barton - 2020
Knowledgeable, friendly.

Barak Pinnon - Local Guide - 2020
Very clean and simple shop I was able to get in and out in less than 5 minutes great service.

CitedJoker - Local Guide - 2020
Very clean and modern place with an amazing vibe. I purchased a "Bubba Kush" pre-roll and it had a good taste as well as an amazing calming feel. 100% recommend

Just Words - 2020
Incredibly sweet and friendly owner. Very helpful and smart about his company and products. Also wonderful product selection. Can't wait to get more!

Karson Gillespie - Local Guide - 2020
This user only left a rating. 

Issac Beal - 2020
spot is dope.

Samuel Kershaw - 2020
A CBD dispensary is exactly what this town needs right now. I am so thankful and proud of the owner of this shop for opening up close to my neighborhood and offering the services to people who need it.

The first time I came in I asked Jake, one of the workers, if they had anything for Nausea and deep sleep. He immediately knew what I needed and answered every question I had with informative intent. I purchased some cigarettes and a few rolled joints and let me tell you people; I have never experienced relaxation like this before.

My anxiety prevents me from enjoying any sort of head high, but when I smoke the CBD flower that Swin provides, all that anxiety goes out the window.

Check this place out if you have pain, sleeplessness, anxiety or just want to have more social energy!

Walter Dahms - 2020
Guy at the counter was very helpful gave me a very good recommendation for my aches and pain. I will be a customer for now on

Crystal Hollinsworth - Local Guide - 2020
Absolutely amazing people. They are so polite and knowledgable. They are willing to answer any and all questions and never make you feel stupid or like a waste of time. I will be back on the regular. Thank you all so much!

stephanie hopewell - 2020
Great products and service! This is the place to go!

Lindsay Williamson - 2020
Ever since I started using the products here I’ve slept 100x better. Beforehand I had tried a lot of different methods to help me sleep and ease my anxiety, but nothing made a significant difference... until I started using the products sold here

The owner was extremely helpful when informing me about his products. He was able to answer every question I had and determined what would be best for me to help me sleep.

Definitely check this place out!!

Darrien Garnder - 2020
What a wonder experience! Staff is very knowledgeable and friendly! Would recommend to anyone!

Vicki Bennett - 2020
Sweet place . truly love it..

Christus miles es scriptor - Local Guide - 2020
Great products and service!

slowmoto - 2020
Great store quality products

Layla Rose - Local Guide - 2020
Super friendly helpful staff. Great product. I highly recommend this to anyone suffering from anxiety or depression.

Ashley Mackenzie - 2019
I am very impressed with the products here at Swin! They are wonderful! The service is phenomenal! I learned so much talking with the owner Blake, he is extremely intelligent and really knows what he’s talking about. I’ve been smoking marijuana for a long time so I thought I wanted the product with the most THC, however after talking with him and explained I suffer from severe anxiety, depression, and epilepsy he suggested a pre roll joint with less THC and I LOVED it! I definitely recommend this place over ANY place here in Springfield because I have tried numerous CDB places and Swin blows everyone out of the water! Not only will you feel better and be satisfied with what you get, you will also learn A LOT talking with the owner, Blake! I will definitely be back and highly recommend this place!! Thank you Blake for helping me and SO many others!!

Brad Lewis - 2019
I really like this establishment. The gentleman (Owner) is always kind and helpful. He is knowledgeable and informative. I highly recommend his shop. You can trust that he will treat you well and give you upfront answers on his products. Thanks.

james tanner - Local Guide - 2019
First experience was positive, parking is a premium on a town square but worth the time.

evelyn barlow - Local Guide - 2019
This user only left a rating. 

Dr. Gruesome - 2019
This user only left a rating. 

Dasha Jones - 2019
Great place awesome customer service . And headed there now once again

MacKenzie Watson - 2019
First time in and it was great! I was looking for CBD oil for my dog, since he has arthritis and anxiety with storms. The gentleman working was very helpful and wrote down instructions for the oil I bought. I will definitely return!

Jason Lewis - 2019
Blake and his co-worker Jake know what they are talking about and provide the best customer service from any other store, in general, that I have been in. The professionalism is just excellent and bar none!

I highly recommend this store, as well as their store in Hollister. Very knowledgeable in the products that they offer to their customers. Well done, guys!

Kenneth Simpkins - Local Guide - 2019
This user only left a rating. 

Sherrie Berry - Local Guide - 2019
Great selection and very knowledgeable

عبدالاله الفرحان - Local Guide - 2019
This user only left a rating. 

Tim Berry - 2019
This user only left a rating. 

Bob - Local Guide - 2019
Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. Wide selection to choose from.

Birdie Rayman - 2019
Very professional and knowlegable staff

Mike Holmes - 2019
This user only left a rating. 

Samantha Dockweiler - 2019
Staff is amazingly helpful and kind. They recommended that I try Mothership for my back pain. I have used it the past two nights and it provides me with a great amount of relief. Great prices, great staff, great place!

Brody Gardner - 2019
Amazing store! Love the staff and the high quality product!

Austin_Fugate - Local Guide - 2019
Friendly people very helpful, we got some 30ml 500mg bottle CBD it really helps can't beat their prices either.

Dustin Jones - Local Guide - 2019
Awesome place

Denise Chaney - 2019
My first time...staff is very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Would recommend this store to anyone who us looking for alternative methods to healing.

Christopher Jones - Local Guide - 2019
Not a bad place to check out

Glenn Bridgman - Local Guide - 2019
Love this place

Corbin Sochocki - 2019
Very knowledgeable team. Helpful staff. Next generation business in a small town!

Becca Lynn - Local Guide - 2019
This user only left a rating. 

Jacob Stephenson - 2019
This user only left a rating. 

Brad French - 2019
Very knowledge and helpful. Many choices. Reasonable prices. A perfect example to the way things should be. Thank you from a combat Marine.

Brody Gardner - 2019
Amazing products! Amazing staff! Amazing everything!

Jose Delossantos - 2019
This user only left a rating. 

west cunningham - Local Guide - 2019
Great energy I got from this dispensery. Friendly staff, awesome atmosphere, beautiful hemp flower I got an 8th of bubble gum, this place is a must stop in Missouri #topshelf #hempflower

Justin Vietmeier - 2019
I honestly dont review places very often. With that being said this place deserves nothing but the highest praise. Thank you guys so much. Friendly, knowledgable, and all around pleasant experience. Will be a regular for life!

humming bird - 2019
This user only left a rating. 

John Brennan - 2019
Excellent product and service.

Markipoo #thepoohisfree - Local Guide - 2019
Awesome place great people knowledgeable and top shelf products! My new favorite place in the world

Lorie Despres - Local Guide - 2019
Love them

josh wilborn - 2019
It's like a real pot shop without any real pot. It's the best!

Misty Melton (Babygirl) - Local Guide - 2019
Went today for the first time and was so happy I did..

Been looking for something legal to help with pain and anxiety without having to spend a fortune online so when I found this place I was definitely sceptical but I sent an email yesterday and received a response fairly quickly awnsering all my questions so we went today and Blake is amazingly sweet and extremely knowledgeable about the products and helped me pick out some Shatter 1 gram jar and Mothership #2 1 gram bud. Not much of a Head high which I figured but my body feels good lol and I'm actually relaxed without being paranoid lol I've only smoked 1 bowl of the herb and 1 bowl of shatter in my vape but

I'm extremely happy and look forward to going back soon.

Bob - 2019
Blake is very knowledgeable about his inventory of hemp products. He is happy to help you decide on the best one for your particular needs.

Jake Purvis - 2019
Probably the nicest store in Hollister. Blake was extremely helpful/knowledgeable & incredibly kind. Super classy establishment.

He’s certainly made a return customer out of me.

Delena Heston - 2019
Wonderful service, super classy feel, all around great place. Would rate 100 stars if possible.

Shawn G - Local Guide - 2019
Owner was very helpful and knowledgeable. Very clean and good prices.

Scott Peters - Local Guide - 2019
outstanding selection and occupied my mind for 4 hours after leaving

Austin John - 2019
It was very professional

Tori House - 2019
This user only left a rating. 

Landon Rawlings - Local Guide - 2019
This user only left a rating. 

Johnny Richardson - 2019
This user only left a rating. 

Brandon McKenzie - 2019
You rock man. Great experience and knowledge.

Alyssa Farmer - 2019
This place is great! The guy was super friendly and he has so many choices! Can't wait to go back!

Alicia Andrews - 2019
Very professional, high quality, great prices, overall amazing respectable dispensary.

Victoria Rouge - Local Guide - 2019
Absolutely amazing informative service. Love Blake. He hunts for the best product from everywhere and wants you to truly experience what i believe he has actual passion for. Swin's got you.

Derek Wiesman - 2019
Love it !

Jeffery Swindall - 2019
This user only left a rating. 

Chris Grant - Local Guide - 2019
Great selection, and very cool vibe. The staff was very knowledgeable, and had answers for every question I asked. I’m glad to see a shop like this in the area!!

Bill Banfi - Local Guide - 2019
Great store! Awesome selection of CBD Flower & CBD Oil!! Friendly and knowledgeable service from Blake!

Bob B - 2019
Though I have only been to one hemp dispensary, I will never need to visit another. Swin Dispensaries does it so right, I have yet to have even the most mildly negative experience with the establishment. Blake is knowledgeable, professional, and pleasant to deal with. He is committed to his community and bringing not only financial prosperity through local business, but also helping the customers and members of his community live much more therapeutic and fulfilling lives through his product and proper selection of it. Drop by and check it out, it will be worth your while.

Wade Stofer - Local Guide - 2019
Had a friend who wanted to try some CBD flower. Blake and his crew are top notch and really know their stuff. Highly recommend if you are thinking of trying it for first time, or looking for reliable consistent product. Beautiful store!