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2ml True Strains POD Vape


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Explore a universe of incredible strains with the 2ml True Strains POD Vape from 3Chi. This cutting-edge vape pod offers an array of captivating strains, each designed to elevate your cannabis experience to new heights.

With an impressive selection that includes Mind Trip (H), Space Cowboy (H), Rocketman (S), Phoenix (S), Nirvana (I), Interstellar (I), Hammer of God (H), God Mode (SH), Full Throttle (S), Cruise Control (H), Comfortably Numb (CBN) (I), and Pulse (IH), you'll find the perfect strain to match any occasion.

Sourced from 3Chi, a trusted and reputable brand, the True Strains POD Vape ensures the highest quality and satisfaction. Each pod is crafted with precision to deliver a smooth and flavorful vapor, enhancing your cannabis journey.

Click the different strains below to view the Lab Report
Mind Trip (H) 94.8%
Space Cowboy (H) 94.9%
Rocketman (S) 94.9%
Phoenix (S) 94.6%
Nirvana (I) 96.1%
Interstellar (I) 93.9%
Hammer of God (H) 91.6%
God Mode (SH) 94.7%
Full Throttle (S) 95.8%
Cruise Control (H) 93.8%
Comfortably Numb (CBN) (I) 91.5%
Pulse (IH) 95.2%

0.3% of Delta-9 THC or Less