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10mg Delta-9 THC Drink Enhancer - 100mg pk


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The 10mg Delta-9 THC Drink Enhancer by 3Chi is now available at Swin Dispensaries. 

Each package contains 10 convenient single-use drink enhancers, or you can orider them individually. At Swin, we currently offer the delicious Pink Lemonade flavor, delivering a delightful combination of tangy citrus and subtle sweetness.

Enhance any beverage of your choice with a precise 10mg dose of Delta-9 THC. Simply tear open a packet, pour the contents into your drink, and watch as it effortlessly dissolves, infusing your beverage.

Whether you're sipping on water, iced tea, or your favorite cocktail, the 10mg Delta-9 THC Drink Enhancer by 3Chi adds a unique touch to your refreshment routine.

Single Drink Enhacer Purchases are In-store Only

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0.3% of Delta-9 THC or Less